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Tailor made external herbal creams and oils

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a long tradition of the use of herbal creams, herbal alcohol formula (Dit Ja Jow – fall hit wine), poultices and wraps. These where often used in treatment in traumatic injury and muscular skeletal dysfunction often caused through martial arts training or the result of injury from fighting. These herbal formulas and skills have been guarded and passed down through the generations usually from master to student and highly regarded in China for their healing properties.

In today's modern world, the use of medicine and orthopaedic procedure in rehabilitation from injury and trauma has developed in to a cutting edge science helping millions of people. However many people are seeking a natural non-invasive way to help treat and prevent sporting injury or work related trauma from progressing into a chronic condition.We have developed a range of products specifically designed for the treatment of muscular skeletal injury as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We only use premium grade plant based herbs (no animal products), prepared and hand made in the traditional way. Using our knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine we make high quality, tailor made, Chinese herbal products for martial artists, serious sporting individuals, professional therapists and clinics through to general every day use.

We will soon be offering tailor made products online so please come back soon...

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